A Tattoo Love Story

Published on February 13, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Do you believe in love at first sight? Sure it can happen. While generally considered a rare event as it does not happen to everyone, it still happens.  Some people are lucky enough to have experienced the butterflies, excitement and often jaw-dropping unexplainable emotion of falling head over heels. Others have not experienced love at first sight, and they may never. They simply got what they got and that will have to be good enough (at least for now).

I chalk this whole love at first sight thing up to one thing: Knowing what you want, and then seeing it. Makes sense right?

Planning a custom tattoo and then sending your wishes out into the creative Universe can yield these same match-made-in-heaven results.

Imagine drafting a personal checklist of everything you’ve ever wanted in a tattoo design; all the details, the style and the symbolism. Then simply go to the Custom Tattoo Design Request Form to begin a Custom Design Request, in which you’ll have worldwide exposure for your design inquiry. There will be responses from skilled artists ready to draw up your dreams-AND they won’t stop until you are satisfied.

Your journey may unfold like this: You’ll scurry home after a long day at work, and head straight to your computer, checking for that “You’ve Got Mail” notification. Then after seeing a few responses, you’ll take a quick break before opening the images, as you’ll likely need to prepare for the moment of either total satisfaction or utter disappointment, much like online dating. (Not that I’ve done that.)

And then there it is…You’ll open your black and grey rose tattoo design and she is perfect. You envision her on your hip as the dimensions fit perfectly, and you’ll plan your future lover wearing this same design. Things are going so good, you then start to wonder if your future partner IS the TATTOO DESIGNER (which may be taking things too far, so back up).

It’s a tattoo match written in the stars.

This is exactly how every tattoo should feel, yet so many people settle for their artist’s vision or lack thereof, and instead opt for standard flash.  Can you say boring?

Why not utilize the functions available at your disposal and commission a designer to create something truly magnificent? Not only can you set a design budget, you can later search for a working and reputable artist based on your location, and set a cap for your expenditures. That doesn’t mean you should settle. It simply means I won’t date anyone over 45 years old (or something like that). Consider yourself “mingling” in the artist world.

Why not try your hand at love at first sight this Valentine’s Day?

Girl meets computer. Boy meets custom design request. Girl falls in love with tattoo design. Boy meets love struck tattoo client who is ready to commit. Girl is smitten. Boy hits a home run. It’s a tattoo love story…and who doesn’t love a happy ending?

Do you have a custom design story to tell? Be sure to post all the juicy details and share your experience with other enthusiasts and industry professionals by adding your story. Love at first sight is just so inspiring, but it doesn’t HAVE to be rare.

Yours Truly,

Jodie Michalak


P.S. Make that 40 years old. And he has to have a car, a job, open doors, and bring me chocolate. He must also love roses, as he’ll be wearing one forever. (Too picky?...Nah!)


Image credit: Casper Sacred Rites and and Benjamin Wright



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