Tattoo Lettering

Published on May 2, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Are you considering a tattoo lettering design?


Currently one of the most popular requests that are showing up in tattoo shops across the nation, Carolyn Hawkins, artist and owner of Shelton Tattoo in Fairfield, Connecticut offers her opinion and advice on the tattoo lettering trend.


"Writing tattoos are very popular right now. I do not want to encourage them.


People see these designs on Pinterest with lots of words, or on placement areas such as the fingers. Of course they look cute and adorable, I won't deny that. But anything more than two to three words is just too much for anyone looking at your tattoo to take in. People should be able to read or understand your tattoo in just one to two beats.


In addition, tattoos should go with the flow of the body, and scan well to the viewer. Tattoo lettering or writing is not something that lends itself to a beautiful tattoo. I have to do X amount of damage control or employ  a trick or two to jazz tattoo lettering up."


What  does your body art say about you? A few words about peace and love, or are you bringing  the whole novel to the table?


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Images courtesy Kerwin Chong and Choi


RebelAllianceJAC's picture

When I decided to get a lettering tattoo, I wanted to keep it simple. So I had Familia Premoris (Family First in Latin)in a different script than what is out there. I agree, lettering tattoos should be limited to a few words. Not half a paragraph. I can imagine it's a LOT of work for the Tattoo artist to make it look right.

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