Tattoo Generator: What You Really Want

Published on May 6, 2014 by Naomi V

When looking for your next tattoo design, it's easy to become anxious and impatient. Along with this demand for tattoo art to fill the growing need, the tattoo generator can be found online, and many versions of it. We understand tattoos are a passion of yours! But the right tattoo take times and patience. While online tattoo generators may be faster, is there really the love and sould that you'd want, included in that generated design? Most of the generators online take the text you want in your design and let you choose some premade clip art type of designs that you can mix together. For some tattoos this may work okay. But most tattoos call for something more.


Pros and Cons


As with most things, there are positives and negatives with using a tattoo generator. One definite pro is the speediness of using a tattoo generator. It can literally take a few minutes to come up with something. If it works for what you want, more power to you! For the rest of you, it's definitely a negative. You may try and try but not get EXACTLY what you want, because it's not a living human artist that has the talent to take your desire and create it from scratch. You don't want premade cookie cutter clip art that already exists in the world, no matter what text you want included. Or if you don't want text at all, then the tattoo generator is definitely not for you. If you want some truly unique and detailed art, it will not be on the tattoo generator. 


Another positive using a generator is the cost. Many of these generators are free or inexpensive. Hiring a pro can be expensive. But we're talking about permanent ink on skin, right? It doesn't seem like something you should compromise on just because you can get a generated design for free. Then again, if you are happy with what the generator can create-that's great! For the rest of you, you CAN hire a professional tattoo designer within your budget. We have many around the world that are ready to discuss your idea AND your budget with you. To start, just post a custom tattoo design request and an artist will contact you. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds-world class customized design and artwork all within a budget that you can afford. It's true, sometimes you don't have to compromise at all!


Image credit: Daren Purcell



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