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Published on April 22, 2014 by Naomi V

Whether you're looking for ideas for your next tattoo or just love going through tattoo images because it's fun, a tattoo gallery is an amazing place to start. Here at, we have a tattoo gallery that is built up by tattoo artists, tattoo illustrators, and tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world. With this much content coming from that many places, there is a quite a range of different styles and ideas to get inspired by. Our gallery is visible anywhere you are, providing there is a computer, tablet, or smartphone nearby, which these days, are pretty much standard wherever you go. You can search through hundreds or even thousands of tattoo images laying in bed at night or from your cubicle at work or even on the go. 


Using our filters, you can discover tattoo imagery based on location-even specific miles from a certain location!  You can find local tattoo artists or even chat up tattoo artists halfway around the globe. Another way you can look for images is by category. You can search by choosing specific styles, placements or themes. By setting different filters, it's easy to personalize and create your very own tattoo gallery right here on our site! And you can change the filters at any time, for whatever mood is striking your fancy at this exact moment, or tomorrow night, or next hump day! Whatever you feel like looking for, you can use filters to create YOUR perfect tattoo gallery. If you haven't tried it yet, just go to the homepage and use the filters to the right for category (style, placement, theme) and the location filters towards the top and center of the page, before the activity feed.


Newly added to the filters to the right are "Image Type," "Design Requests," "Member," and "Blogs." "Image Types" allow you to filter photos by choosing, tattoo photos, or tattoo drawings, non-tattoo art, shop tours, or other. This really narrows down your gallery! Using "Member", you can look at individual members' posts and add members to create a combined tattoo gallery with only certain members photos showing up on your page. Need more in depth inspiration? By clicking on "Blogs" you can read all about tattoo trends and styles, as well as interviews with tattoo artists and tattoo studios. Inspiration is literally EVERYWHERE here on!


Have you been truly inspired and now want a custom tattoo design of your own? Get a set budget for this masterpiece? No problem! Our talented and experienced professional tattoo designers will make sure you get the perfect tattoo design that you've always wanted. Just get started by posting your custom request!


Image credit: Juan Garcia and Enigma Ink


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