Published on November 3, 2016 by Jessica_Golich
It is no secret that the instantaneous nature of the internet has minimized the overall musical experience. In the past, antsy, dedicated fans slept in front of venues to get a hold of a ticket the instant the show went on sale. Deep within the confines of our newfangled internet age, it’s become quite difficult for musicians to fly under the radar, create history and retain an air of enticing mystery. If there is one band who has succeeded within such while remaining wholly unique and impossible to categorize over a two-decade-plus career, it is Tool. The radical group of living, breathing enigmas have a rich history of creating musical existential toolboxes full of the simultaneously spiritual, thought-provoking, abstruse, bloody raw and downright brilliant nuts and bolts that serve beyond the easy to digest and mainstream success as enthusiast's escape into a journey of the mind beyond space and time. 


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