Tattoo Cover-Ups

Posted on April 14, 2015 by Gregory

Everyone makes mistakes. You lock your keys in your car minutes before you need to be somewhere important. You forget to pay a bill. Maybe you hit ‘Forward All’ on that e-mail meant only for your friend. These things can be reconciled easily, but a tattoo mistake is a bit more difficult to correct. Luckily, quite a few tattoo artists have created a business for themselves by becoming ‘cover-up’ artists, and inking new tattoos over the top of existing ones that the collector no longer wants. Since laser removal can be costly, painful and drawn out, cover-ups are a much friendlier alternative for someone who still wants ink done, just done over existing pieces.

Image courtesy of Chronic Ink Tattoo

Because there is ink already under the skin, choosing a design that uses the same colors is a good idea. For example, if you’re fretting over your ex’s name scrawled in bright orange letters on your shoulder, a larger, more vibrant koi fish may be an excellent cover-up option. The more closely the colors relate, the higher the odds are of a successful cover-up. Feel like you’ve outgrown that cutesy cartoon character you got as your first tattoo? Opt for something a little more subtle and detailed to show you’ve matured in taste and style.

Dated tribal tattoo that is too small for the back is now a beautiful floral tattoo with stars.


Main images courtesy of ragz1138 via flickr


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