Tattoo Cover-Ups

Published on April 14, 2015 by Gregory
Tattoo cover up

Everyone makes mistakes. You lock your keys in your car minutes before you need to be somewhere important. You forget to pay a bill. Maybe you hit ‘Forward All’ on that e-mail meant only for your friend. These things can be reconciled easily, but a tattoo mistake is a bit more difficult to correct. Luckily, quite a few tattoo artists have created a business for themselves by becoming ‘cover-up’ artists, and inking new tattoos over the top of existing ones that the collector no longer wants. Since laser removal can be costly, painful and drawn out, cover-ups are a much friendlier alternative for someone who still wants ink done, just done over existing pieces.

Image courtesy of Chronic Ink Tattoo

Because there is ink already under the skin, choosing a design that uses the same colors is a good idea. For example, if you’re fretting over your ex’s name scrawled in bright orange letters on your shoulder, a larger, more vibrant koi fish may be an excellent cover-up option. The more closely the colors relate, the higher the odds are of a successful cover-up. Feel like you’ve outgrown that cutesy cartoon character you got as your first tattoo? Opt for something a little more subtle and detailed to show you’ve matured in taste and style.

Dated tribal tattoo that is too small for the back is now a beautiful floral tattoo with stars.


TBOLT's picture

Great Cover up, turned from trash to treasure!

iBeMac's picture

I don't think I would cover any of mine but rather move a couple to a different location.

UndertoneOC's picture

I don't know about covering anything up, but I definitely want to get some work on one of my previous pieces to make it fit my sleeve better.

The tattoo that lady got covered up looked like garbage!

JT's picture

Looks great

Larry's picture

i have two, one cover up on a moon of a tat just touched up a year ago. moon had to disapear

Kim Maribao-Quipit Biadnesaq's picture

i reely love to get one

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