Tattoo Cover Up

Published on May 30, 2014 by Naomi V

Even the most careful of tattoo collectors may need a tattoo cover up at least once in their life. Sometimes we get our tattoos young and don't research the tattoo artists thoroughly enough. We may end up with a tattoo of a heart that looks more like a kidney bean. Or perhaps some of us have gotten a tattoo with our soul mates name on it, only later to find out that they WERE NOT our soul the slightest. Those rose colored glasses can be very dangerous to walk into a tattoo shop with, but hey, it happens! A tattoo cover up can be a true life saver. A regretful tattoo can make us feel negative every day that we see the tattoo. Why not turn the negative into a positive? 


Here's an example of a cover up by blueowltattoo.


Beautiful cover up of a regretful tattoo by Alexander Lawrence


Another cool tattoo cover up by Jakeafeller Cold Irons.


Have you got a great cover up story? We'd love to hear about it! Leave your story in the comments below! Tattoos are permanent, but when we've made bad choices, at least many of them we are able to cover up with even better artwork. It becomes a part of our tattoo story, without making us feel bad about them.  Whatever your tattoo cover up is for, it's still a part of your personal history, and therefore, carries on the true tattoo tradition! Tell us your personal tattoo story!


When getting a tattoo cover up, it's important to commission a tattoo artist or tattoo designer who understands how the cover up works. Sometimes tattoos cannot be covered up if it is too large or too dark, and it's important to find artists who are honest about that as well. Do you have a regretful tattoo that needs a beautiful cover up? Try our tattoo designers by posting a custom tattoo design request! Be sure to post a picture of the tattoo you need covered up so they can see what they have to work with. They are happy to help turn a negative into a positive!


Image credit: Bobby Cimorelli


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