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Tattoo Convention Tips

Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak Jul 25, 2014

Traveling to a tattoo convention is a perfect way to get inked by some of your favorite artists that may be featured right here on Tattoo conventions are packed with some of the world’s most talented artists and their shop crew. If you plan on attending a tattoo festival, these tattoo convention tips will help you secure an appointment with your desired artist.


Booking an Appointment

Tattoo convention promoters do not handle appointment bookings. You’ll have to arrange a tattoo appointment (often far in advance) by contacting the tattoo shop or the professional tattoo artist. He will confirm his availability at the convention and usually provide a tattoo estimate for the time needed to complete your tattoo request. From there you will usually pay a deposit to ensure that you show up for your appointment. Artists work on a commission base and last minute cancellations hurt their income considerably,  so be diligent and reliable and show up to your appointment after you’ve made the commitment.


Finding an Artist

You can scroll through our list of local tattoo shops in your area, or go the country over to find a talented tattoo artist. Once you access their contact information and shop name, you can find out whether or not they attend any tattoo conventions in your area. Most tattoo conventions are located in large and bustling cities, where the tattoo event promoters have more attendance.


Showing Up Without an Appointment

For the curious or spontaneous, you can still attend a tattoo convention or festival without a prior appointment. Be aware most in-demand or “celebrity” tattoo artists will usually have limited, if any, availability for walk-in tattoos. However, that shouldn’t stop you from attending or checking out the portfolios of any of the other tattoo artists. Once you’ve made your way around the tattoo convention floor, you may discover the perfect tattoo artist- and she might be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to  provide you with a stellar tattoo.


Admittance Fees

Because tattoo conventions cost money to host and promote, the event coordinators will charge an entry fee. This fee is usually either  a one-day or an entire weekend tattoo convention pass. Some promoters sell tattoo festival tickets at a discounted rate if you buy in advance, so start planning which events interest you ahead of time, and make sure you set aside some cash for your artist’s tips.


Traveling costs professional tattoo artists quite a bit of money. From booking flights, accommodations, and meals- your tattoo artist incurs many expenses to bring his talent to different cities. The more you show  appreciation for artists by booking ahead, keeping appointments, and providing a gratuity- the more artists will hope on the bandwagon, and continue to share their craft with enthusiasts from allover the world. Spread the love!


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