Tattoo Artist Rebel Hernandez of Anaheim, CA

Published on March 21, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Offering Realism and Black and Grey portrait tattoos in Anaheim, California, you may find Tattoo Artist Rebel Hernandez jamming to Reggae during your appointment while he busts out some killer horns or skulls on your skin. He's got a passion for both music and art, and his favorite tunes motivate his art genre of choice.


“I’m a very positive person by nature, but I simply like drawing horror tattoos.”


Favoring Realism, Mexican folklore (such as Dia los Muertos tattoos) along with black and grey portraits and skulls, there’s nothing wicked about this expectant father, whose first baby is due this coming July.


While Rebel prefers doing custom and freehand tattoos, he’s open to anything and will strive to make his patrons happy. A beautifully humble soul, Rebel honed his eye for detail during his successful career in airbrushing, and then went on to reach even greater dreams when a tattoo machine was placed in his hands.


Though life was not always easy, Rebel endured and came out like a champ. Being born in a poverty-stricken home in Mexico, Rebel engaged in illegal graffiti to make ends meet. He turned his life around and then followed his girlfriend to the States, with nothing but a dream and hard work ethic to back it up. It was here in the States that Rebel found a true vehicle for his expression. His art has been recognized in both airbrushing and tattoo mediums.


Serving as an inspiration that anything is possible with perseverance and dedication, he has been published in both Lowrider Arte magazine and Tatuarte en la Piel Magazine, and has finally been able to live comfortably from the means of both his talent and art in his own private tattoo shop located in Anaheim, CA.


Rebel has been tattooing for six years and currently works in his  private studio where he books appointments usually two weeks in advance. He just finished tattooing a crazy cool “girl is wolf clothing” design, as well as the owl and skulls tattoo you can view below. 


You can find Rebel by visiting his member profile, and be sure to follow this guy if you want to watch his dreams come to life! If you get a chance to visit Anaheim, California be sure to book appointment with this talented and skilled tattoo artist.


Whatever you do, don’t let his dark side or checkered past scare you. Rebel is friendly and sweet as can be, and he’s sure to leave a positive and permanent mark on your heart. Even if it's paired with a pair of horns.


Images courtesy Rebel Hernandez


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