Tattoo Artist Profiles

Published on March 12, 2014 by Jodie Michalak
Image courtesy of Mirek Vel Stotker

Tattoo Artist Profiles


Tattoo artist profiles are a fundamental place to start if you want to find a talented and skilled artist in your locale, or perhaps even overseas if you have the means to travel. By viewing profiles you can determine many different things about a potential tattooist, including whether or not they are capable of completing the work that you’re interested in.


What is a Tattoo Artist Profile?


There are many places a working artist may post their professional profile, including right here on In addition, you may find their profile on their personal or shop webpages, as well as any social media sources they use to promote their artwork and craft.


Most profiles will include a bit of background information on the artist, which will explain how long they have been tattooing, perhaps where they have trained or who they have mentored under, and of course the sort of genre they specialize in.


Remember that not all artists have found their niche. Some go into their career with a passion for art, whether from a graphic design background or a natural skill, and they either stick to what the feel most comfortable in, or they begin honing their craft and interest to specialize in a unique tattoo art style. Is one sort of artist better than the other? Some will say so; others agree a well-practiced artist should be able to tattoo almost anything. (Almost.)


Why Tattoo Art Styles Matter


Besides the obvious reasons you may select someone more versed in your chosen style (they excel at creating realism tattoos, have a penchant for blending vibrant colors or always put a unique spin on traditional designs, per se), other factors make an experienced tattooist more desirable for even more important reasons.


Tribal tattoos are one example of this. Not the Tribal that became popular back in the 1990s in the form of armbands and now temporary tattoos, but authentic Tribal tattoos that have rich significant cultural influences; so much that many Tribes frown upon anyone wearing a tattoo if they are not of native descent. If you are considering a Tribal tattoo style, you’ll want to search diligently through tattoo artist profiles to find an artist who both understands the meaning of the designs, and who can authentically tattoo your design in a respectable manner.


Other genres that may carry this importance include Celtic tattoos and Japanese tattoos. There are many stories to be told on the skin, such as how the Koi swim upstream in the Yellow River (against all odds) to transition into dragons upon arriving at the top of the waterfall. By thoroughly reviewing tattoo artist profiles, you’ll find an artist with a special interests and a niche who shares similar respect for your design ideas.


What If the Artist Doesn’t Have a Profile?


If you’ve searched long and hard for a particular artist that you’ve heard good things about and still can’t find a portfolio of their prior work, you may want to rethink your artist selection. Bear in mind not every artist uses the Internet for promotion, most should. Instead you may need to head to the shop and go through their work in person.


If the artist does not have any work to show you, I have wonderful news. You can walk away before making perhaps a regretful decision. Go home, revisit artist profiles and begin your search all over again for a talented, skilled, and a professional tattooist who is not afraid to show you what he’s capable of.


And in the meantime, grant a little mercy on any artist who is forced into doing repetitive and uninspired designs, often as a result of tattoo trends. You’ll likely see infinity symbols, feathers, owls and dream catchers within every profile you check out.


The key is to find the artist who can take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Keep an open mind, and with a little luck and commitment in your search, you’ll find an artist who does exactly the same. There's  your match!


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Image courtesy Baz New York Hardore Tattoos and Mirek Vel Stotker



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