Tattoo Artist Franco Vescovi @ The Vatican

Published on March 1, 2013 by Gregory had an amazing opportunity to sit down with world renowned tattoo artist Franco Vescovi. Check out the video and watch as he discusses his craft, his art and the inspiration behind his new shop, The Vatican.


Franco, a 20 year veteran of the tattoo industry, never really aspired to become a tattoo artist. It was more of an accident really. He built his homemade machine over two decades ago and just started tattooing anyone and everyone.


"[Tattooing] was more of an experiment that turned into a lifestyle…"


Today, he is one of the most recognized artists in the industry.


Franco, who is half Italian and has the blood of popes coursing through his veins, wanted to bring some of his heritage and history to his new shop. The Vatican in Italy holds some of the most amazing artwork in the world - accordingly, in order to reflect this caliber of art and skill, The Vatican in Lake Forest, CA employs some of the world's best tattoo artists.


Everything in The Vatican is custom and handmade. Venetian plaster and custom woodwork create a comfortable, relaxing environment that makes people feel as though they're getting tattooed in their own home. Contributing to this atmosphere of comfort is the quality of the artists working at The Vatican, which is why Franco stresses the importance of hiring artists that are as humble as they are talented - artists that are notoriously "hard to find".


Whether you're looking for color portraits, black and gray realism, traditional Japanese or exquisite lettering, the artists at The Vatican have you covered.

Check out the video and watch as Franco finishes up a piece on one of his friends!




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Love his work = Great Vid

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Great Video, hope to visit the shop soon!

JoseNieto's picture

Great Video, hope to visit the shop soon!

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