Tattoo 3sixty with Taylor Cort [Video]

Published on August 6, 2013 by Leo Gomon
Taylor Cort Aquatic Skulls

Watch our latest video series “Tattoo 3sixty” featuring Taylor Cort:





Tattoo 3sixty is the collaborative brainchild of and John Montgomery, owner of The Grand Tattoo Lodge in Redlands, CA and the co-founder of Alla Prima Ink. Each webisode will bring a new tattoo artist from a different city to the Grand Tattoo Lodge and have them showcase their unique tattoo style along with the functionality of Alla Prima Ink. First up, Taylor Cort.


Taylor Cort, an award winning, accomplished and published tattoo artist out of Asheville, North Carolina. Aside from tattooing, Cort is a talented painter and musician. His vivid use of color saturation vibrant contrasting, and bold color lines combine to create a signature style that is few and far between, perfectly lending itself to the diverse application of Alla Prima.


Cort recently had plans to establish a new tattoo shop in North Carolina, but was shot down due to zoning regulations in the county. Being pen pals, Montgomery and Cort bonded on many levels and developed a mutual admiration within the tattoo industry. Cort’s illustrative tattooing brings together beauty and ugliness, mixing styles together to forge a hybrid form of expressive tattooing.


John Montgomery, a well traveled and largely decorated tattoo artist, has made countless industry connections throughout his 20 years of experience.It is the fusion of his relationship with great tattoo artists, masterful tattooing and his forward thinking innovation that has allowed Montgomery to command respect among his peers. Among his list of accomplishments is his latest venture, Alla Prima Ink, is a signature line of safe and efficient tattoo ink, free of additives and PET plastics, ensuring that it goes in strong and stands the test of time.



Stay tuned for the next episode of Tattoo 3sixty coming to your screen!


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