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10 Best Tattoos for Summer

Summer is a season for fun, wanderlust, and heat! Things that come to mind when you think of summer are palm trees, beaches, road trips, plane trips, hot summer nights, BBQs, swimming, outdoor parties, and being in nature. Tattoo is the ultimate way to express your passion for whatever it is that you are passionate about. If a tattoo enthusiast is passionate about summer, there are some amazing summer tattoo ideas out there to inspire them.

10 Best Tattoos of The Beatles

The Beatles are one of the most influential bands of the last century. It's hard to find any other band that has such a large and diverse fan base, even in the present day. With such a large fan base and with so many songs that have inspired people throughout the years, many tattoos based on The Beatles and their music are finding their way onto enthusiasts' skin. Do you have a tattoo inspired by The Beatles? Share it with us and we might show it off on our next list!

Danny Black: Changing the Game

Hailing from the San Fernando Valley, Danny Black is one of the few artists who has played a pivotal role in the way tattoos are created all over the world today. As a custom-tattoo artist, Danny implements a variety of styles to create his own signature blend. He is known for treating every client individually, and his work reflects exactly that. Danny’s custom-philosophy has been adopted by tattoo artists all over the world, allowing millions of people to express themselves freely with this permanent art form.

Princesses: Tattoos of Disney Royalty

The popularity of Disney's princesses has skyrocketed in recent years. Since the debut of Snow White, Disney's very first princess, the characters have been idolized and admired by children and adults alike. From the gentle soul of Snow White, to the bookworm brains of Belle, to the bravery and spunkiness of Merida, there is a princess for nearly everyone's preferences and tastes. Little girls and grown women can relate in some way to these princesses, lending to their immense popularity.

14 Spectacular Outer Space Inspired Tattoos

Since the dawn of time, our ancestors have been looking at the sky wondering what there is beyond the earths’ existence. Countless myths and stories about the stars have been told to make up for the unknown. Is there life beyond the stars of which we can see? What kind of treasures and wonders are out there beyond our own galaxy? We may never know, but every day we continue to learn something new about the mysteries of the universe and the secrets it holds.

Hometown Tattoos: Kansas CIty, Missouri

It is expected that Kansas City will be the number one smart city in America in the very near future. After the Royals made it to the World Series Kansas City was also deemed the coolest city in America for young people to live. But does there ink represent like it should? Here are some Kansas City hometown pride tattoos. Certainly many more will arise as the heartland becomes the new hub for all things awesome.

Tattoos Inspired by Album Art: "On Letting Go" by Circa Survive

Artist Esao Andrews is well known for crafting all of the album art for the experimental rock band Circa Survive. Perhaps their most iconic-- or at least the most replicated-- cover is for their 2007 sophomore release "On Letting Go." The record is very whimsical and dark in nature, which makes it appropriately adorned with the body of a woman and her head being swallowed by a hot air balloon. Here are some of our favorite takes on the original Esao Andrews piece.

"On Letting Go" Tattoo

Tattoos Inspired by Album Art: "Deja Entendu" by Brand New

Brand New is a gut wrenching rock band that has evolved gracefully from album to album. "Deja Entendu" is arguably one of the most profound records the group has ever recorded due to its immense cult following. Don't believe me? Do a Google search on tattoos inspired by album art, and you will repeatedly find the iconic astronaut strewn about the results. Whether an old fan or new, "Deja Entendu" contains a prized track list for alternative and emo rock listeners for years to come.

Deja Entendu