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10 Fantastic Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoos, especially realistic portraits, take lots of time and effort. Getting the likeness of a person is not easy, and it's important to make sure that the tattoo artist you hire to create the portrait is experienced not just with tattooing, but also specifically with tattooing portraits. You must see their portfolio and ideally, have seen some of their work in person. Check their reviews online and ask around.

10 More Terrifying Terminator Tattoos

Remember the first 10 Terminator tattoos we shared? Well, there are even more great Terminator tattoos out there, and we felt compelled to share! If you're a fan of the Terminator series, you will be a fan of these next tattoos. Are you thinking about getting a tattoo inspired by your favorite cyborg movie series? Check out these 10 More Terrifying Terminator Tattoos:

10 Curious Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Alice in Wonderland is a loved, classic story all over the world with so many fans. With the Disney animated movie, the story garnered even more fans. The following tattoo enthusiasts have taken their love a step further and decided to get tattoos inspired by the story. Some of the tattoos are inspired directly by the Disney movie. If you're looking to get a tattoo based on a story or fairy tale, specifically Alice in Wonderland, check out these 10 Curious Alice in Wonderland Tattoos for ideas: 

12 Gorgeous Tattoos for Autumn

It's time to dust off those boots and flannel shirts, because after a long and sweaty summer, fall is finally mercifully upon on us. This year, the Autumnal equinox falls on September 23, marking the official start of the season. However, there's no need limit your leaf peeping to just a couple months - these beautiful tattoos will let you keep the vibrant colors of fall with you year-round.

11 Telephone Tattoo Ideas

Telephones have come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell was first awarded his historic patent in 1876. Whether you love to gab or you're an admirer of technology, telephones can serve as the basis for some creative designs. Check out these great phone-inspired tattoos.


Going for the most basic depiction of communication, two cans conected by a string, this simple design is adorably whimsical.