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So What?! Festival 2017 Day 2 Recap

So What?! Music Festival has come to a close. Day 2 was jammed packed with killer bands on all 3 stages. Most of the bands were new to us and to me that is the essence of So What?! Fest. To see the bands that are up and coming, the next big name, the break out bands, etc... If you are a music connoisseur and you are looking for something new and different, then So What?! has a buffet of choices. 
The bands we at ROCKwell UnScene and Tattoo.

So What?! Festival 2017 Day 1 Recap

Happy Ten years to So What?! Music Festival. It may have been their birthday, but they threw the party with an eclectic lineup on Day 1 that included: Whitney Peyton (a female firecracker performer who goes from rap, to rock, to punk), Mime Game (a must-see band when they hit your town), After the Burial (brutally epic), I See Stars, and much more.
The beauty of So What?!

Interview: Chris Wright - Crashed Out

Crashed Out is an amazing high powered punk band from England led by lead singer Chris Wright.  They got the name crashed out from a song by the Exploited with the same name.  Having been together for over two decades the band shows no signs of slowing down.  Chris also happens to be a very talented and successful tattooist and the owner of Viking Tattoos.