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10 Charming Ideas for Best Friend Tattoos


Thelma and Louise. Wayne and Garth. Amy and Tina. We all know life is better with a best friend at your side.

Since the early days of our childhoods, we’ve been finding new ways to let the world know who our favorite friends are. From matching outfits to heart necklaces to bracelets we wove at camp, we were eager to single ourselves out from the rest of the pack and tie ourselves to our BFF.

5 Tramp Stamp Tattoos and 5 Tramp Stamp Fails

Lower back tattoos have been commonly called the "tramp stamp tattoos" for over a decade. Whether or not it warrants the name is a controversy among tattoo enthusiasts. In any case, people know exactly what kind of tattoo and where it's located whenever someone uses the phrase "tramp stamp." Of course, some tramp stamps are classier than others, and can often be a beautiful, artful tattoo that happens to be on the lower back, and accentuates the female form in the best way.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost

Tattoo prices vary from city to city and artist to artist. The level of detail and time involved is a major factor in how an artist prices a piece of work, but it is important to also note that equipment, ink, and other materials may also be considered. Many shops might price tattoos by the amount of time it takes to do a tattoo. For example, a shop may have a rate of fifty follars per hour, but they may require a minimum price of $50 total to cover setup time.

Credit: Carlos Ransom of Abraxas Tattoo

Remembering Isobel Varley

It is our regret to inform that Isobel Varley has passed away on May 14th, 2015 at the age of 77 after battling against Alzehimers disease. 
For the past 26 years, Isobel Varley had dedicated her body to being covered in tattoos from head to toe. It wasn't until she was 49 that she had gotten her first tattoos, one of a bird on her shoulder and the other of small flower on her left thigh. After that day, Isobel knew she wanted to get many many more tattoos.
Isobel Varley

10 Hot Thigh Tattoos That Sizzle

The thigh is a large piece of real estate on the human canvas. Thigh tattoos have the potential to be true masterful art pieces. On women thigh tattoos can be very sexy because it's such a sensual area. When getting a tattoo, placement is very important. Places that show commitment are the larger areas, such as sleeves, side ribs, the back, the chest, and the legs. Calf tattoos are more common on men than thigh tattoos. Women are mainly the wearers of thigh tattoos because it accentuates that part of the body.

10 Dreamcatcher Tattoos To Catch Your Attention

Dreamcatcher tattoos are becoming very popular, among both sexes, but because of their delicate quality, are more common among women. Dream catchers have a rich history among Native Americans. The purpose of the dream catcher is to protect those who are sleeping, to catch the bad dreams and nightmares, and to only allow the good dreams to pass to the dreamer. In essense, the dream catcher is somewhat of a filter for dreams.

Couple Tattoos: A Lasting Bond in Ink

Couple tattoos are becoming more and more popular among people who are in long term relationships and marriages. As tattoo is constantly becoming more accepted and mainstream, couples of all kinds of backgrounds, ages, religious beliefs, and lifestyles, are appreciateing the concept of getting inked permanently, for life, and doing it together. There are countless ideas for designs for a couple to decide on when getting inked.