T Bone of East Coast Ink & Body Piercing

Published on April 6, 2014 by Jodie M
T-Bone Tattoo Artist  East coast ink & body piercing

Meet T-Bone of East Coast ink and Body Piercing Tattoo




"Even as a kid, younger than 12 years old, I was drawing skulls and daggers."


"I didn't want to be a fireman or police man. I wanted to be a pirate as a kid."



"When a client gives you artistic freedom to do your thing, that's ultimate trust right there."

"I've always been tinkering with things." 


"I was the kid that would get a brand new bicycle, rip it apart and try to make it better."


"I wouldn't say that I'm narrowed down to one particular style."



"I like neo-traditional pieces."




"I like new school pieces. I like old school pieces."


"People come to me for a lot of different things."



"I'm pretty versed in every style of tattooing."  



"I like tattooing!"


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