Sweet Tattoos for Girls

Published on June 3, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

How naughty of you to think of your first tattoo. You must be curious what some of the more popular tattoos for girls are. Yes, she can have guns, grenades, and bugs...BUT...


What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice,

And everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of.


Craving something sweet? Body art can be delectable. There’s no reason at all that your tattoo can’t be luscious. Custom design your own ink candy and get inspired with a sweet tattoo. From cupcakes to lollipops, savor summertime with these sumptuous top five sweet tattoos for girls.


 Cupcake: Sweet enough to eat, a cupcake tattoo is a popular girl's choice because they are colorful, small, and can be placed nearly anywhere. Whether you have one tattoo or a sleeve of many, a cupcake can be the icing on top of your body art.


 Cherries: Cherries are sweet tattoos for girls because they are suggestive and sensual. Placed on the upper thigh, clavicle or wrist, they’ll add a pop of color where you want it.


 Lollipop: Take a lick at one of the most popular sweet tattoos for girls. Add some whimsy to your body art with a New School inspired sucker.


Bees and Honey: Feeling like the bees knees? A few bumblebees around the kneecap pay tribute to your sweet nectar.


Kiss- Nothing is sweeter than a kiss tattoo for girls. You’ve perfected your smooch on a napkin. Why not make your kiss permanent? Better yet, place them exactly where you hope they’ll meet another.



Placement Ideas for Sweet Tattoos for Girls


Because all of the designs above are relatively small, keep that in mind when you’re deciding where to place them. Follow the natural curves of your body or place these designs where they will be hidden and only revealed to that special someone.


Once you become better acquainted with body art and are committed to the permanence of tattoos, you can pair these sugary designs into a full sleeve or a thigh tattoo.


Devirginize your canvas with a sweet tattoo. These designs make an ideal first tattoo because they are small and charming. If you are starting on your body art journey and desire an idea you likely won’t regret, these girly suggestions will always be in style because they capture the essence of youth, innocence and femininity.


Custom design your own sugary tattoo by submitting a custom design request. Tattoo artists from allover the world can earn your business with their imaginative creations. The process is simple, easy and free. Once you find the right artist the pricing is negotiated. How sweet is that?


Images courtesy Melissa Fusco and Buckin Tattoo


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