Sunflower Tattoos

Published on December 19, 2015 by Steph Castor

While Kansas is known as the Sunflower State, there is a vast appreciation for the bright yellow glowing beauty. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and longevity, and they provide for several tasty treats as well. Perhaps one of the most versatile flowers, the Helianthus has 70 different species, all of which are native to North America with the exception of three South American flowers. It has been said that sunflowers have a mathematical proportion similar to the Golden Ratio. Here are some of our favorite sunflower tattoos.

This large piece pays particular attention to the seeds and grooves in the petals. The subtle white outlines keep it whimsical.

Again, this black and grey shoulder tattoo emphasizes the texture in sunflower petals as well as the leaves.

Here is a flower rich in color with a silky texture. You can almost feel the petals against your nose.

Here is a unique spin on the popular flower. The petals contain varied markings, and the center of the flower shows of some interesting geometry.

This sunflower is done in a more American traditional style but shows precision and hold true to the meaning of the plant.

This mandala style sunflower is elegantly done, and it's clear that the artist maintained a steady hand.

The blue sky background of this tattoo makes the flower pop, and the added white ink creates the illusion of morning dew.

This either tickled immensely or hurt like never before. Slightly geometric, this mandala sunflower required a very brave and patient appreciator.

Here is a beautiful partial sunflower that is the perfect design for a stomach/under breast tattoo. The earthy colors give it sophistication.

Lastly, this sleeve of a field of sunflowers captures them in their purest and most native form. The green hues draw the viewers attention up to the incredible detail in the center of each flower.


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