The Story of My Life As a Tattoo Artist

Published on May 16, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

What's the story of his life?


Body art is an expression of the wearer. Trials, struggles, accomplishments, special  interests, memorials, and love can all be marked  eternally through the art of tattooing.


As we sit in the chair awaiting our artists to bring our visions to life he is honing his creativity to create something masterful. What makes him tick and what sort of person chooses the life of a professional tattoo artist?


If you could ask a world-renowned tattoo artist just one question, what would that be?


Professional tattoo artists live and often travel all over the world to bring their talent and skills to foreign countries, exotic places, and local conventions.


Some tattoo artists stay situated in just one place and set up shop in an established tattoo studio. Others seek Guest Spots at studios where they spend so many weeks per year tattooing customers in that locale.


The life of a professional tattoo artist is nothing less than interesting. Most tattoo shops open late in the afternoon, and the closing hours extend to nearly midnight. Tattoo artists work on weekends and once they have a solid customer base and reputation many tattoo artists are busy from the moment they walk into the door for the day.


If they aren’t tattooing most artists are getting inspired for their next sessions by drawing, sketching, researching, painting and finding a muse for their upcoming permanent body art appointments.


It can take years to become a successful artist. Today most tattoo artists credit a traditional apprenticeship for their skill and talent within the industry. It really takes learning and mastering the basic tattoo fundamentals from a professional to excel in this career.


 Other tattoo artists are gifted with the patience and mindfulness to become entirely self-taught, although this would be the exception and never the rule for most tattoo artists.


Some professional tattooists become interested in the arts because of home environments, including growing up and being exposed to the lifestyle and culture at a very young age. Others choose the craft as a means of making use of art degrees in the expressive world of body art.


No matter their reasoning behind choosing the life of a tattoo artist, each of them shares the same challenges; from tattooing their very first customer, to building a client base and reputation.


There’s a reason your favorite tattoo artist may be booked a calendar year out. It may not be just his skill per se, but his ability to connect your visions with his own to create a magnificent and personal tattoo that his customers are proud to wear for a lifetime.


Where do tattoo artists seek inspiration?


Who tattoos her?


How did he decide this career best suited his artistic talent?


Get inside the minds of some of our artist Members and read exclusive interviews.


In addition, leave a comment or a question directed to your favorite tattoo artist right here on, and we’ll try to get some answers.


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