Steve Aoki Interview - #EatSleepCakeRepeat

Published on August 24, 2015 by Matt Prince


Growing up in Los Angeles means being surrounded by a galaxy of different people from every walk of existence, each with their own traditions, lifestyles, and taste for music.  Being primarily robotic, I’ve always felt at home amongst the vibrant variety of crowds loosely grouped together as the electronic dance music scene, exploring the edges of electronic sounds and technology; the kind of guy who wakes up grooving to Kutski’s KTRA series, Armin’s ASOT sets, Iboga compilations, festival track lists, or Monstercat podcasts.

So when I heard that Steve Aoki, one of LA’s EDM hometown heroes, was back in town to sign his new book ‘Eat Sleep Cake Repeat’ at The Last Bookstore in downtown LA, I leapt at the opportunity to ask him a few questions.


Steve Aoki


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