Steadfast Texas Tattoo Shop in Austin, TX

Published on May 10, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Steadfast definition: Firmly fixed in place and unwaivering. Pete Gilcrease opened Steadfast Tattoo in 2001, and has since anchored down to a successful North Austin, Texas location. Here’s how Gilcrease stayed calm in the sea of tattoo artists.


Tell me about your Texas tattoo shop and the artists:

We’ve got a real good crew here at Steadfast Tattoos. Noah works in Traditional, he’s a very versatile artist, Evan excels in New School tattoos, and Randie is an extremely technical artist who can pretty much do everything.


Describe Steadfast, Texas Tattoos in a few words:

We’re a very clean and professional shop and we don’t have the attitude common in a lot of other tattoo studios.


What tattooing style do you specialize in?

Traditional but I really like to do everything. I just happen to love the way Japanese and Americana tattoos hold up over time.


How do you find new inspirations for your tattoo designs?

I paint and pretty much see everything as art. For example, if I travel and see a real cool church I’ll get different ideas and aspects from it. Art museums really inspire me.


What has being a tattoo artist taught you about yourself?

It’s taught me a lot and has changed my whole life, molding me as the person I am today.


From professional responsibilities, spiritual aspects, and drawing religious tattoos, I learn about everything I’m doing and research everything, so it’s even influenced my spiritual journey.


I’ve learned to have an open mind and not judge people. Just listening to people chatting and hearing details of their interesting life really amazes me.


Your greatest strength:

I like to draw and I’m constantly trying to grow and look at different aspects and do everything that I can to be a better artist.


Greatest weakness:

Probably being a nice guy.  I want to help everyone and sometimes take things personally.


Have you ever tattooed something on someone that you later regretted? What was it?

Yes a very pretty girl came in requesting a Raid roach bug on her hip.


She was such a beautiful girl and the design was poorly drawn. I requested she go home and really think about it. She came back the next day.


What personal sacrifices have you made to become a professional Texas tattoo artist?

It has been a nonstop struggle. I had to deal with lots of bad attitudes from people that wanted to discourage me but I prevailed. I am a stronger person now and I’ve learned a lot.


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