Spain Alternative Rock Project The Kiss That Took A Trip Releases New Album ‘Punk Cathedral’

Published on August 11, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

As though creative wizard and producer, M.D. Trello, took a trip to outer space and has come back to Earth to share what he has gained throughout inner and outer explorations, The Kiss That Took A Trip’s latest release, ‘Punk Cathedral’, is a project abounding with heart that is perceptive to listeners throughout.


Kicking off with a compelling opening of a man expressing his sorrow toward his perception of society and his feelings of estrangement, “Ambient Punk” is an electronic approach to emotion that carries moments of intrigue and mystery.


The second track, “Kill The Pole Dancer”, is a musical attempt to distance oneself from heightening allure toward a life of evil as M.D. Trello mixes industrial elements that blend cohesively with the intention for the track. “Stabbing Porcelain” is the eerie third track that has instrumental rattlings that leaves listeners restless while seeking cloudlike serenity.


The fifth track, “Capola”, showcases the vocal capabilities of M.D. Trello as he breaks free of a relation that is no longer relevant to the man that he has evolved into. “Cooks, Landis & Griffin” is the eighth track that is a highlight that ensnares listeners into a bubble of contemplation with a uniqueness that is astounding and highly intricate. “Grounded” is the tenth track that begins with a sound similar to static on the radio and leads into a crepuscular inner realm that brings to light M.D. Trello’s influence stemming from acts such as Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, and Massive Attack.


The eleventh track, “Faulty Logic Can Cost Lives”, switches up the pace and brings in a more modern and vibrant mood to an otherwise deep dive into gloom. Closing the album with “Queen of the Night Shift”, it is evident that The Kiss That Took A Trip is a project that doesn’t put its ball into one court and isn’t timid by the thought of experimentation with combining multiple genres.


The Kiss That Took A Trip is a project with a dark aesthetic that appeals to souls that appreciate art that is created from the core. Dive in for yourself on Bandcamp.



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