Soul Messengers Release New Album ‘Vision & Faith’

Published on October 23, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Sydney artists, Soul Messengers, have laced a groovy old-school feel into a modern-day musical gem throughout their latest release, ‘Vision & Faith’. Tranquilizing vocals stir the soul throughout the first track, “Let’s Go To Bed”, which lyrically speaks from a place of vulnerability and pride pertaining to sharing life with an electric soul that has a heart that pours forward emotive intimacy and psychological gold.


The second track, “It’s Too Late For Tears”, brings it’s own flavor while lyrically radiating light upon the treasure within shedding tears and healing through a series of emotional blows that in turn morph into a red-hot passion creating a life of love.


“Don’t Let Them Tell You” is the third track which begins with a quietly rich instrumental ambience that raises awareness of the depth of vocalist, Richard Aljinovic, and his uncanny ability to transform a simple track into one abounding with a moving and expressive effect while he pleads for his partner in life to ensure to love themselves first.


The fourth track, “Whiplash”, lyrically touches base on the everyday turmoils that the mind subconsciously creates that end in a mental state of clutter which can distract from the wonder throughout the world around you.


The fifth track, “Need Your Love So Bad”, equates to a lyrical state of rapture that confronts the magnetic draw and hankering toward the individual that completes the Sydney rockers sentimental and romantic hearts.


“Eleanor Rigby” is the sixth track and remake of 1966 The Beatles classic with a World/Global instrumental element that works and pulls at listeners heartstrings with a dose of nostalgia and individuality that is rich in spirit.


The seventh track, “I’m Your Dog”, takes the album for a turn as the Soul Messengers stand tall and grounded in their pledge to solely become involved in interpersonal relationships that are laced with mutual honesty and respect.


Closing out with “Wake Up ‘17”, Soul Messengers enlighten listeners with a bold mental shakeup that intensifies the necessity to lead the life of your own desire rather than succumbing to an existence that doesn’t suit your heart.


If you’re a fan of bands such as Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, and Counting Crows, then do yourself a favor and check out what Soul Messengers have to offer.



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