Small Tattoos

Published on April 30, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Small Tattoos

Not every meaningful design has to be large. Many people opt for small tattoos that are simple yet significant.


Whether it’s a small tattoo or a star added to your Old School tattoo sleeve, there’s a place for everything if you choose to make a permanent mark.


Not every artist will be excited about the small tattoo request, so just remember that artists use their skills to  create body art that is memorable and that has an impact.


Small tattoos often lack creativity in both design and placement, so any artist known for their custom tattoos may be bored with a simple and minute tattoo challenge.


 Depending on their busy schedule they may still accept your small tattoo request,  and here’s how to get them excited about a small and minute tattoo design.


Making Artists Love Small Tattoos

If you walk into any tattoo shop with a small tattoo request, you’re basically an easy customer. Without such demands on coloring, shading and intricacy, it’s easy for any reputable artist to draw a demure and small tattoo quickly.


Even if it’s not a common flash design, most artists can create a simple small tattoo within a short imeframe upon meeting their customer. They should see your ideas, discuss the placement and outcome, and even make suggestions when he sees fit.


She can  likely play off your ideas or draw a meaningful small tattoo on a whim; so much  that many enthusiasts will opt for a small tattoo without in-depth artist consideration and without even looking at artist portfolios, and this is a big, yet small tattoo mistake.


Why Size Mattters

Just like a large tattoo, a small tattoo should be applied with exact dimension and design execution.


Your tattoo artist should have a serious opinion where to place a small tattoo. If this is your first permanent mark, even a small tattoo request shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Your tattoo artist should consider the placement of your first small tattoo and also ask what tattoo work may follow.


 A finger, hand or face should be off limits to anyone opting for their first small tattoo. Your tattoo artist will likely refuse these areas if it is a small tattoo.


A reputable artist should help you plan small tattoo placement. Many people opting for a small tattoo design opt for the inner wrists, on the nape of the neck. These are the perfect spots for a small tattoo and your artist will likely suggest such placement, as a small tattoo should not be placed on a large spot of your body’s canvas,


If you provide your tattoo artist with some creative freedom, they are likely to get a little inspired, even with a small tattoo.


Common small tattoo designs include scripts, feathers, petite anchor tattoos and other meaningful symbols.


A reputable artist should have a few ideas that make your small tattoo unique. Whether it be a fancy addition to prior designa or a unique small tattoo placement that you desire, you are still paying for your time in the chair and should demand excellence from any art, including a small tattoo.



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