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Published on August 5, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Relocating from El Salvador, artist Ivan Beltrand of Scorpio Ink in Dallas, Texas, always knew he wanted to be a tattoo artist. Blessed with an indescribable talent at a very young age, Ivan knew his art would eventually be what he relied on for his future stability. With perseverance, Ivan went after his dreams and vision with great determination and focus. Now, Beltrand is able to support his family with his tattooing craft and passion. Which is of utmost important to him, as Ivan is also father to a sweet, little four year old girl.


While there are plenty of professional and reputable tattoo artists and shops located in the Dallas, Texas area, Ivan believes it is his Realism and black and grey tattoos designs, paired with his steadfast passion that has made Scorpio Ink in Dallas, Texas successful.


Many tattoo artists seek the challenge, the fame, or even the financial rewards of becoming a professional artist. And then there are those such as Ivan Beltrand of Scorpio Ink in Dallas, Texas, that choose this artistic medium for the pure love and freedom of the art, paired with the smiles of his satisfied customers.


“I don’t just invest my time for the money. I do this for the people and making my customers happy.” Ivan explains.


Ivan has been tattooing for over six years, and bought Scorpio Ink (which was a preexisting tattoo shop with a different name) just four and a half years ago. After quickly changing the tattoo name to reflect his own astrological zodiac symbol, the Scorpio, Ivan set out to build his loyal and enthusiastic customer base in the heart of Dallas, Texas.


To Ivan, tattoos carry so much meaning.  Whether that be a cultural, familial, or a memorial tattoo design, Ivan’s most precious personal tattoos include the portraits of his late mother and his brother. It’s no wonder he understands how to convey the emotion, meaning, and substance of every tattoo design that his customers envision. The translation is all part of Ivan’s unique gift.


Ivan wears nearly ten tattoos on his body, which is quite different from the popularity of tattoos in El Salvador. “In El Salvador it is mostly men who get the tattoos, not the women.” Thanks to Ivan's gorgeous contributions to the industry, his demographic is certainly shifting.


In addition to his body art, Ivan does the occasional body piercing.


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