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Kari Rowe Photography
Tell me about your background in graffiti and street art.  How do those experiences continue to influence your film work?
I originally started doing street art because I wanted another medium to share my photography. I wanted to create propaganda and put images in people’s faces. So I turned some of my photos into stencils and started spray painting them on the streets. And then posters. And so on until I started traveling to Europe and South America to collaborate with other artists, and documenting those experiences into video. I think graffiti influences my work just like everything else that I do. If you are depicting a lifestyle, it helps if you have actually lived that lifestyle instead of trying to portray it. 
How did your work with cameras and film begin?
I started shooting pictures on SLR film cameras when I was a kid. I would pose my friends on the floor and stick a lamp next to them. Or take travel photos when I went on trips with my mom. It evolved over the years, and fresh out of high school I started taking photo classes. When I wanted the next challenge, I started interning on movie cameras in the film business. I worked for free for 6 months to learn the craft and how to be on set, and finally started as a film loader. Over the years I moved up through the camera department and recently graduated into directing and shooting. 
What do you like best about working on movies and/or video shoots?  
First of all film crews are the best bunch of people you will ever meet. It takes a certain breed to thrive in some of these environments. They are interesting and adventurous hustlers. I love being surrounded by my family.
Second, it is the ultimate creative outlet. Where you can make images move, create a mood, and combine so many crafts from styling, to set design, to lighting, and performance. It is the ultimate collaboration of many different forms of creativity and art. 


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