Santa Clara Tattoo Artist Paco Dietz at Graven Image Tattoo

Published on April 19, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Featured in several International tattoo publications, Santa Clara tattoo artist and shop owner Paco Dietz of Graven Image Tattoo, specializes in custom biomechanical tattoo designs.


I spoke with his partner Lindsay for a moment to discover what inspires Paco’s art and style.


Tell me about your shop and Paco Dietz:

Paco is the sole artist and owner of Graven Image Tattoo, which has been open since 1993 and now occupies a converted Santa Clara loft.


Tell me a bit more about the new Santa Clara tattoo shop location:

Our previous location was on a very bust street, so we were basically a “street shop.” This made it difficult for us, because as an in-demand artist, Paco could not accommodate walk-in clients. Now we have a much more intimate, by-appointment only setting.


Half of Graven Image tattoo shop is dedicated to tattooing; the other is our art gallery. Paco is currently booked out 8 months in advance.


Down the road we may consider another artist, but we would have to be very selective, and they would need to have an established clientele.


What tattooing style does Paco specialize in?

Paco could be described as mostly bio-mech. He has sort of a dark style, though he works with lots of color and does many varied designs such as figurative, people, and anatomical tattoos. 


Paco really loves incorporating natural elements, such as branches, trees, bones. He has a very real and organic sense in his work.


How does Paco fin new inspiration for his tattoo designs?

Paco is very passionate about Classical art, oil paint painting and anatomy. He was originally very interested in creating special effects for movies, but someone pulled him into tattooing, and that’s where he began his apprenticeship.


Describe a time you where you believe your talent truly helped someone?

We have many, but one story comes to mind.


We have a client who has battled Cystic Fibrosis his entire life. In order to avoid the difficult pronunciation of the disease with young children, physicians often say “65 roses” instead.  


So over the course of the past 4-5 years, Paco has been working on a very emotional back piece tattoo featuring 65 roses.


When you aren’t at your Santa Clara tattoo shop,  you guys can be found…

First off, on our days off Paco is usually working on an oil painting. When he's not doing that, we enjoy the day and have fun together. Which for us often means hunting; here it is wild boar and elk hunting.


To view Paco’s artist portfolio or to review this Santa Clara tattoo shop, be sure to visit Graven Image Tattoo’s Member Profile.


Images courtesy Graven Image Tattoo


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