San Diego Rocker, Sluka, Releases ‘Colorful Radiation’

Published on June 29, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

It takes time, dedication, incessant drive and patience to bring to life studio album after studio album that consists of hit after hit that reaches fans throughout multiple continents across the globe.


Throughout the latest release from San Diego Rocker, Sluka, you can vividly hear a mixture of sounds and vocal stirrings akin to a combination of Kings of Leons, Arctic Monkeys and Freddie Mercury over a musical dose of the sun's rays that will stamp its mark on your head and heart for days. Kicking off with “Number One”, the airy track presents itself as though Sluka’s mind is amidst an unordinary dreamland while he keeps in mind the positive energy that he derives from the sun.


The second track, “Virga”, begins with a mysterious piano introduction into a mellow track that showcases Sluka’s lighter vocals that are both harmonious and characterful. “Rise” is the third track that invites hipster kudos in a rundown coffee shop abounding with mustaches, old-school records and enough pour-over coffee for an entire neighborhood of families. Over the sixth track, “Slinging Slights”, Sluka’s hymn-like vocals and empowering lyrical spill add an emotion to the album that is both serene and poised.


The eighth track, “Cold War”, carries vocals that are crooning of a broken man attempting to patch up the holes within from a personal war that has been the cause of agony and despair. Closing out the album with “Metaphor”, Sluka slows down to deliver a dose of tranquility that ends the album on just the right note.


Whether you dive in to create your own perception or pull out Shazam at a coffee shop while a track from the album adds an inviting energy to your day, Sluka continues his ascension and conquers the hearts of listeners throughout ‘Colorful Radiation'.



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