Roja - "The Evil Stands High" Review

Published on March 29, 2017 by Jessica_Golich
Mariachi and Indie Rock band stemming out of Liverpool, Roja, are back with a brand-new release entitled, “The Evil Stands High”. Kicking off with hypnotic and haunting vocals by lead vocalist, Simon Bradshaw, convey a sense of acknowledgment when it comes to the themes that are taking over modern-day society. Abounding with lyricism that raises awareness to the plagues that are swarming through the minds of vulnerable souls throughout the world, Roja digs deep into the core in attempt to create a solution for all.
There is not an ounce of ignorance that is accepted by Roja, who stands with their spines straight and delivers their messages with ease over an instrumentally creative track. Conveying a sense of life hanging on by a thread and with no irony, the evil does stand high throughout the track that seeks to unplug the masses from the hypocrisy that is habitually destroying individuals daily lives.
Removing the fear within the hearts of listeners, Roja seeks beyond commercial success with the intention to shed light on modern-day epidemics that are often viewed upon with a blind-eye and/or overlooked through what the mass media presents. The track simply makes sense and pulls from diverse influences to create a universe of genre-blending magic. 
Mentored by New Order/Joy Division King, Peter Hook, Roja were finalists on the BBC television hit, ‘UK’s Best Part-Time Band’, and are in the midst of bringing their Liverpool impact over to the states. And it is time for Mariachi music and singers to be credited for their abundance of talent that is displayed and shared with all solely for the love of music. 
Explore your conscious over “The Evil Stands High” and praise Roja for taking a step forward in the right direction both musically and humanely. 




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