ROCKwell UnScene: Interview with Something More - So What Music Festival '17

Published on April 19, 2017 by ROCKwell UnScene
Pants were dropped, a Happy Birthday serenade and an abbreviated version of the Thunder Buddy song happened, Wal-Mart and jail were discussed together in context of the same story, ink bromances were revealed... and that is just a few things that we got to hear about and witness while hanging with Something More at the 10th Annual So What?! Music Festival in Grand Prairie,Texas. 
Something More is a 5-piece pop punk band from Bel Air, Maryland. Their love for music, being on the road, and hitting the stage can be seen in the way that they perform. With a velocity and ferocity that is difficult for any band to match and a sound that slips, slides, and plunges into the ear holes of the crowd, Something More will have you jumping and rocking from start to finish. My advice is to check out their new album "Dogs Pt. II", out April 14th via Common Ground Records! Then see them when they invade a stage in your town.



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