A Perfect Circle Tattoo Design

Published on April 8, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Are you considering inking a perfect circle tattoo design? 


A symbol which has no beginning and no end, a perfect circle tattoo makes a very simple yet symbolic statement that can lend many different interpretations, depending on one’s knowledge of ancient cultures and their beliefs.


All About Circle Tattoos


Expanded from the dot, which is both the beginning and the closure of an elemental structure and also a creation point, the circle is both a something and a nothing.


A bindhu dot is placed right on the third eye, which is located on the forehead and signifies the centered seat of one’s soul. Expanding from the dot is the shape of a circle, which represents the cosmos and the spirit.


When used in many magical spells, the circle provides psychic protection to any of those enclosed within it. Look up to the sky, and the circle represents the sun and moon, and also the lapse of time. Many people relate the circle to the Karmic Wheel of Life.


Where to Place a Perfect Circle Tattoo


Because this primary shape has so many different representations, a perfect circle tattoo design is certain to strike up conversation.


If you don’t feel like explaining the personal meaning to each and every person who asks, you may want to consider a concealed circle tattoo placement. Or get used to coming up with a simple response that keeps the symbolism private if you’d prefer.


One of the very first shapes drawn by man, a circle tattoo can be worn nearly anywhere and  any way you'd like, depending on both the size and the details of your circle tattoo design.


You may ink a circle on your inner wrists, behind the ear, on your shoulder, back, or forearms. Even on your foot. Some people also pair their circle tattoo with other basic shapes such as squares, triangles, an arc or even  a cross tattoo, which is also one of the most popular symbols for an offering of protection.


Cost of a Circle Tattoo


Because of the simplicity of a circle tattoo, the design itself will not need much expansion, if any. This is one of the many reasons to adore small symbolic tattoos. They can be very meaningful to the wearer, yet don’t cost a fortune to design.


If you like small symbol tattoos such as an Infinity tattoo, the circle is one of the most interesting and important shapes to consider. Of course you’ll want to follow all general rules when selecting your circle tattoo artist. Make sure the tattoo shop is reputable, clean and if possible check the shop reviews. Always look at your potential tattoo artist’s portfolio, and of course follow all aftercare steps as directed by him.


It’s a Wrap


If you like armbands, why not consider a circle tattoo design? The Ouroboros snake also known as the “tail devourer” makes an updated armband tattoo style, and it’s a far cry from tribal tattoos. If you practice Buddhism, you already know the circle is the most important representation of the universe.


We could keep going in circles to discuss all the many different aspects and significant meanings of a circle tattoo, but the wearer often has their own reasoning behind the design. Whether it be you want a cosmic symbol that relates to all of life, or you  adore simple primary structures,  there is still so much space inside the circle that can define both eternity and order.


The circle defines our existence and reflects upon life. Whether it means time is passing and inked as a  pocketwatch, or proves we are steadfast in a storm, just like a lighthouse,  a circle tattoo always leads us back to the beginning of something. What goes around comes around. Remember that.


Image courtesy Full Circle Tattoo

Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons


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