NYC Artist Nature G Releases First Solo Album ‘Stereotyping’

Published on September 26, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

It’s already been a remarkable ride for NYC Artist, Nature G, who has built a steady fanbase as a member of Folk Metal band, Tengger Cavalry, yet there’s no denying that his first solo release, ‘Stereotyping’, takes listeners through the maze of Nature G’s visionary mind. Kicking off with the title track, “Stereotyping”, Nature G makes it lyrically known that he does not align with human beings hiding behind masks of hypocrisy and accepts nothing short of genuine dispositions and pure energy within his circle.


The second track, “Cool Girl”, begins with heavy guitars and a recipe for madness as Nature G seamlessly incorporates breakdowns that match the intensity of the lyrics that state with assurance that he sees beyond the physical. “Every Step” is the third track which slows it down into a dark lyrical output of frustration that matches the unease that he feels within a relation that has taken him through a stressful frenzy of suspicion and animosity.


The fourth track, “I’ll Break It All”, carries and mimics the instrumental prowess of a Rammstein track back in their ‘Mutter’ days as Nature G lyrically confesses that he isn’t timid when it comes to making the choice of detaching himself from a piece of his enigmatic life puzzle that is causing him trouble. “I Hate You” is the fifth track which carries a dominant sound of dark metal as gruesome lyrics showcase the battle that Nature G is facing within his mind.


The sixth track, “Fickle”, carries the cunningness of a Nine Inch Nails track that gives the initial impression of beautiful instrumental expression, yet a sporadic bombard of twisted, cold and grim lyrics and thoughts become palpably real and crawl deep beneath the skin. “The King of Manipulation” is the merciless seventh track in which Nature G lyrically impersonates the judgments of others with razor-sharp malice toward others who critique prior to seeking to understand his passions. Arabian instrumental elements kick off the eighth track, “Rise Above”, in which Nature G attempts to overcome gloom as he lyrically states that balancing the dark and light will lead you toward a higher level of consciousness and well-being.


The tenth track, “Barmaid”, adds techno elements that channel feelings of lust as Nature G becomes entranced into the eyes and mind of a dark and twisted soul that tempts him to lose his mental control. Closing out with “Captain Flint”, an unexpected turn into an acoustic treasure chest of wonder drifts into a state of melancholic longing to once again be within the strong and steady chapter of Nature G’s life that he was under the impression that he was already within.


If your blood is boiling and you’re on the hunt for an album that matches your state of fury, then ‘Stereotyping’ by Nature G is right up your alley.



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