NY Artist, Les Techno, Releases New EP, ‘Whatever Happened to Les Techno?’

Published on July 14, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

An idiosyncratic creature in human form indeed, NY Artist, Les Techno, has created an alternative and otherworldly dimension throughout his dynamic latest release, ‘Whatever Happened to Les Techno?’. Beginning the EP with an overwhelming sense of optimism over the first track, “Trophy Wife”, which emits the stereotypical high-energy musical content that comes along with the genre, yet stands out as an experimental piece that is enthralled by stirring conveyance of being trapped in a state of neurosis.

Blasting right into the second track and emerging from the wreckage, Les Techno muses upon a bold existential question over “Who Do You Believe”, which leads into vocals that replicate Billy Idol in the 1980’s and a lyrical invitation to a question mark in a land of absolutes.

Slowing it down and strumming into the third track that carries a similar sound to Tom Petty that leads to the feel of a Rush track back in the ‘Hold Your Fire’ days, Les Techno’s songwriting prowess showcases consistency as he entrances listeners with a realm of thought that is beyond the universal racing mind of modern-day society.

The fourth track, “Old House”, is a track for a moody Sunday abounding with contemplation for those that have lived seasoned lives and watch time fly by as human relations ebb and flow and life encounters create imprints deep within the soul. Closing the EP with “Salvation Remix” (Who Do You Believe), Les Techno keeps an aura of rumination alive as he closes with the thought process that every human being in the world is striving toward the common goal to share their lives with the one other individual in this world that connects deeply with the soul.

Support Indie artists putting their creative vision out there for the world to absorb and check out ‘Whatever Happened to Les Techno?’ on SoundCloud.



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