Now or Never Tattoo Shop in Conyers, Georgia

Published on April 19, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Grant Loveless co-owner of Now or Never tattoo, an Atlanta tattoo shop, works alongside Chris Huff,  co-owner, artist, and lifelong buddy.  


Grant took a moment to talk about their tattoo shop, Pinterest designs, and beards. (Because they turn just as many heads.) It’s now or never!


Tell me about Now Or Never Tattoo and the shop artists:

You name it and we can do it. From Realism, Traditional to color bomb, Now or Never Tattoo is a 100%custom shop, with no flash designs.


How do your artists find new inspirations for their tattoo designs?

Most of them have their own style. When a customer comes in and says “I kind of want this…” the artists get their ideas and go from there.


We do not specifically like all of these Pinterest tattoo designs that every girl seems to want.


We explain there will be thousands of women at the pool and on the beach wearing blackbirds flying from a dandelion, or wearing Infinity tattoo designs with the word “Love.”

Let us custom design something unique for you, and find an artist that you really like.


What personal sacrifices have you made to become a tattoo shop owner?

Money but it’s been totally worth it. I worked in a warehouse for 19 years, so in the very beginning I took a huge pay cut. Now that I am co-owner and manager I am around what I love.


Will you ever work on becoming a professional tattoo artist?

No. What comes to mind is “Do not try that.”


How many tattoos do you have, and what style?

About 70% of my body is covered in tattoos, all different styles. Think back 21 years ago, and yeah- I have the tribal armband cover-up. I’ve probably invested $23-24,000 in my body art. I stopped counting after that. I’ve put in over 300 hours in the chair.


What do you love about body art?

I just love art, back when I first started getting tattooed over twenty years ago, people weren’t covered in ink. I’ve never done drugs; I’ve never been in jail. But anyone who is that quick to judge me, I don’t want to know them.


When you aren’t at Now or Never Tattoo, you can be found…

Whenever I get away from the shop, we’re still like a family. And then I’m approached in public by the people I know, asking “Hey will this tattoo idea work?” So this is pretty much all I do, even when I’m not here.


Most Bizarre Happenings outside your Atlanta, Georgia tattoo shop:

A lady walked up and stroked my beard. That was all, she didn’t say anything. She just touched it and then walked away.

(So much for touching tattoos!)


You can view Now or Never tattoo artist portfolios or review the shop by checking out their Member Profile.


Images courtesy Now or Never Tattoo


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