New York City Artist Patrick Grant Releases ‘A Sequence of Waves’

Published on September 25, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Creating a piece of idiosyncratic musical art that is exciting for fans of both Jazz and Rock, New York Artist, Patrick Grant, has released his latest album, ‘A Sequence of Waves’. Kicking off with “Lucid Intervals”, Patrick begins with an exotic ambiance and eclectic array of instrumentals that chase away the blues and spark a lively fire within the minds of listeners.


The second track, “Driving Patterns”, creates the impression of an opening theme song of an old-school soap opera yet drives curiosity and interest in what else the album has in store. “Alcohol” is the fourth track which exquisitely showcases the range and depth of Patrick Grant’s mental conceptions as he creates an atmosphere that sounds and feels akin to a long night out at the bar in a manner that is both cunning and precise.


The fifth track, “Tobacco”, feels like the musical equation of a slow stroll on a breezy night in Paris that leaves you contemplating the life direction that you are taking. “Firearms” is the sixth track that is abuzz with excitement and gives the impression of acting upon an unsettling activity that leads to a winding road of uncertainty.


The eighth track, “Breaking Butterflies Upon a Wheel”, is a beautiful composition that is plentiful and rich in divergent musical influences that fill your ears with musical magic. “Lonely Ride Coney Island” is the ninth track that feels as though you are stuck in a cloud of self-doubt as you stroll down roads in shambles and perceive nothing short of emptiness within your desires and dreams.


The tenth track, “Primary Blues”, is an innovative example of the Rock influence infused within the album as Patrick Grant weaves layer upon layer of sound with splendid control. “To Find a Form That Accommodates the Mess” is the twelfth track that is propelled by emotion in a complex manner that is tasteful and rich in fervor.


Closing out the album with “One Note Simba”, the intense artistry throughout ‘A Sequence of Waves’ flows into a lucid state that highlights Patrick Grant's blazing musicianship, perceptibility and ability to match instrumentals with the intention of each track.


‘A Sequence of Waves’ by Patrick Grant is certainly off of the beaten path, yet an intriguing and moving piece of musical art that both a distinct group of Jazz lovers and young listeners can admire.



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