New York Artist, Matteo Scher, Sings from the Soul over New EP, ‘Something Good’

Published on June 27, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

If there is an up and coming voice that’ll both sing you to sleep and take you on a soothing exploration through the impactful decisions within your youth, it is the vocals and style of Matteo Scher. Through pleasant musings of taking risks, moving to the city that never lights and traversing through inner mazes, it is difficult to dismiss the sweetness and charm deep within Matteo over his new EP, ‘Something Good’. Kicking off with “New York and Me”, it is perplexing to perceive whether Matteo packs up his mental bags and takes a trip through the heart of the one that he desires or perhaps his past self as he acknowledges the strength within to make a big change and be within a town that is bustling, inspirational, and abounding with opportunities for success.


“Something Good” is reminiscent of the sounds of frontrunners such as Michael Buble and Josh Groban as Matteo soul searches for the truth as he spills the beans from a state of potent vulnerability while reflecting upon a cut-string between loved ones that has the potential for repair. Over the third track, “Forget”, Matteo is both romantic and dead honest as he introduces listeners to his lonely nights abounding with sadness as he experiences the variety of stages that come with a breakup as he attempts to forget the bad and reflect upon the good. Closing the EP with a beautiful track, “Painkiller”, Matteo proclaims that the individual that is close to his heart serves as the antidote for his troubles with impassioned instrumentals that leave listeners in awe.


Though incredibly young, Matteo is a promising act that is bound for the big lights that he speaks of throughout ‘Something Good’. If you are encountering a breakup that has ripped your heart out of your chest, check out ‘Something Good’ as a tool to reflect upon the past and what’s next.


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