New School Tattoos at Studio Ink in Danville, KY

Published on March 26, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


“New School” seems to be the most fitting description of Studio Ink, based in Danville, Kentucky.  This means if you want a tattoo with bright and vibrant colors, you’ve found your shop.


Offering a wide variety of artistic talent specializing in colorful tattoos and Realism, Owner of Studio Ink and professional artist Chad Sinkhorn, explains his three other tattoo artists usually put their own touch on any tattoo request that comes through his tattoo shop doors.


While these guys will happily work with any flash design, each artist strives to make their work even more individual to the wearer through a consultation and custom design process.


Studio Ink has been adding color to the State of Kentucky since 2001. In addition to Chad Sinkhorn, Studio Ink is happy to have talented artists Todd Barlow, Tom Thomen, and Shane Strout in the house, along with two professional body piercers.  Both Tommy Estes and Rachel Sinkhorn work their piercing craft alongside the colorful tattooing masters.


When asked about a time he feels his work made a significant impact on someone's life, Tattoo Artist Todd Barlow responded with "Today. I tattooed a design of two puppies that an owner had just lost on her, and she was really sad about it." Todd Barlow explained his art goes with him when he leaves the tattoo shop. "I'm constantly trying to push myself. Art in general motivates me. I just try and try to be better at it each and everyday. Because we're all artists, we all live the lifestyle. When the guys at the shop aren't tattooing, we still do art, like draw or sketch at home. You know, something creative. But we do normal activities too; fishing and stuff. Just good old country boy type things."


Adding to their in-house availability, Studio Ink artists are very active on the tattoo convention circuit, annually attending Hell City, Detroit Motor City, Best of the Midwest in Iowa, and the Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival in Virginia.


Should you be unable to travel to Kentucky for a colorful Koi tattoo, you may want to mark your calendar and try to catch the Studio Ink artists on tour.


Whether you want a bright comic tattoo, a sweet cupcake, a nose ring, or a flower tattoo, be sure to check out Studio Ink for all your tattooing and body piercing needs.


Have you been to Studio Ink?  Stop by and review the Studio Ink tattoo shop by visiting their member profile..


Images courtesy Studio Ink


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