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Published on May 10, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Honored as a Pioneer of Female Tattoo Artists, for over forty years Jacci Gresham of New Orleans shop Aart Accent Tattooing continues to allow her intuition and integrity guide her family business.


Owner of the oldest tattoo shop in the state of Louisiana and one of the first African American female tattooists, Jacci proves hard times don’t last but tough people do. Here’s an interview with Laron of Aart Accent Tattooing.


Tell me about your Orleans shop and the artists:

We are the oldest existing tattoo shop in the state; we’ve been here since the 1940’s. Owner and artist Jacci Greshman has continued her skills as an artist while running the shop. I focus on management of advertising. We’re really just a small, close-knit family business.


Are there any types of tattoos your studio will refuse?

Yes, the boss lady will never do facial tattoos, anything gang related, or that’s considered vulgar or offensive. We use our best judgment for the rest.


What type of tattooing does your shop specialize in?

Black and grey Realism tattoos, but we really try to bring to life whatever the customer wants. We know when to say no and always guide customer to the tattoo artist that is best fit for the job.


What current design trends are popular in New Orleans?

After Hurricane Katrina we have lots of local tattoos, and customizations of tribute designs that we work really hard on making cool and unique. Of course this means the Fleur de Lis. We also see lots of demand for Traditional tattoos.


How do you feel about the mainstream popularity of the industry?

It’s good and bad. It’s great that tattooing is in demand, but people often opt for the cheapest price instead of doing their research and viewing artist portfolios.


People need to learn to just be true to themselves with their body art in both their designs and the artists. Don’t go cheaper. I don’t like that part of it.


Describe a time you where you believe your talent truly helped someone?

In general we help anyone just going through hard times such as R.I.P tattoos for people that have passed away. We take care of whatever you need.


When you aren’t tattooing, you can be found…

Currently I’m working on website graphics for a company out of Orlando focusing on chef theme tattoos and their Eat Ink book.


To book an appointment, view artist portfolios or leave a review for be sure to visit the Aart Accent Tattooing New Orleans shop Member Profile.


Images courtesy Aart Accent Tattooing.


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