New Jersey Hip-Hop Duo The Peanut Gallery Release New Single “DEEP THOUGHTS”

Published on August 19, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

There is unsigned hype flying under the radar all over the world and New Jersey Hip-Hop duo, The Peanut Gallery, is a prime example. Abounding with infectious beats, the New Jersey spitters latest release, “DEEP THOUGHTS”, carries a mixture of real life situations and catchy hooks that distinguish them from the young contemporaries that are simply spilling their perception about societies baggage.


If you're a fan of artists such as Danny Brown, Tyler The Creator, Mac Miller and Flatbush Zombies, then the New Jersey duo are the conscious lyricists that are next up to continue shedding light on the truth behind the madness of corporate culture and how following your own path is the way to live an embodied existence.


There is hurt within the veins of both Orlando and Flee that is brought to the surface throughout “DEEP THOUGHTS” which uncovers uncharted inner territories that they both must face in order to remain stable in our maddening world. The amount of creative and uncommon ammo that the accompanying funky music video for the track contains is plausible as the duo creates a realm of mystery and keeps listeners intrigued by their idiosyncratic visual delivery.


The youthful energy and deep embrace of childlike musings laced into The Peanut Gallery’s abstract rhyme patterns elevate their eclectic taste and take a bold step in a direction that no fellow act has touched. Grooving with a subtle fiction theme mixed and adding doses of their lifelong influences such as Nas, Jay Z, Big L and Eminem, The Peanut Gallery stands out as a duo that is unafraid to create their own line.


The Peanut Gallery comprises of Orlando and Flee Jones, who are both deep in the process of bringing the album behind “DEEP THOUGHTS” to life. Keep an eye on the journey to come for The Peanut Gallery on SoundCloud.



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