New England Progressive Rock Band Mavara Set to Release New Album, ‘Consciousness’

Published on September 9, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Filling the air with deep truth and technical wizardry, New England Progressive Rock band, Mavara, are on the brink of the release of an enlightening album that serves to awaken the masses. Beginning with the first sonic treasure from ‘Consciousness’,  “Invasion (636 Gregory Calendar)” stimulates the internal atmospheres of calculating minds and takes listeners third eyes for a ride into the future of human beings through a discussion that twists and turns through an arena of speculation. The second track, “Love For Centuries”, follows in the footsteps of bands such as Dream Theater, Katatonia, and Amon Amarth, as Mavara explores a profound level of devotion from a kindred angle that mimics mysticism.


“Childhood” is the third track which embeds a fragment of curiosity that dives into the marrow of listeners bones as Mavara creates a seemingly hallucinogenic atmosphere of unshakable mesmerism toward days of splendor stemming from sweet innocence. Picking up the pace over the fourth track, “Living The Fast Life”, Mavara showcases their electrifying guitar prowess which leads into an unbounded lyrical sprinkle of utter consciousness that challenges their own prejudices pertaining to the hyperactive inclinations and actions of our modern-age.


“High on Power” is the fifth track which dives into deception with grace as Mavara sub consciously asks listeners what’s really underneath it all when the music stops and time slows down to a crawl. The sixth track, “Mandatory Hero”, carries the lyrical message of aligning with a cultivated and crystallized version of oneself beyond a civilization obsessed with power and beyond what society expects each individual to believe.


“Time Makers” is the seventh track which lyrically attempts to tame the racing mind and alert individuals to the dark fog that is wrapped around living life through hyper-speed and greed. The eighth track, “Run out of the Maze”, is an instrumental track that challenges individuals to adhere to their personal desires and dismiss anything that is disturbing their own dear and precious inner fire. Closing out with the title track, “Consciousness”, Mavara have burned all of their masks and stand naked and liberated within the sweet art of observation pertaining to their multitudes of pure imperfection.


Beckoning the divine over an album that is lyrically rich and ahead of our time, Mavara has created a realm of Rock sublimity that envelops you in transcendental magic that brings you closer to your own center.


Check out ‘Consciousness’ and experience it for yourself:


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