Nature Inspired Tattoo Designs


The following nature custom tattoo designs prove that Mother Nature got it right. Ramble through this list of wild and free ideas and get inspired for your own colorful, or black and grey body art. Curious? That’s natural.


Flowers- Flower tattoos are a hot topic no matter the season. Come summertime, exotic blooms such as Plumeria and Lilies make up some of the most requested blooms for sleeve, foot and even back tattoos.

Birds- Feather tattoos and bird designs continue to chirp in popularity. Swallow tattoos and the proud peacock both make whimsical choices for the avian lover.

Faeries: Whether you believe in the fantastical and mythical world of faeries and nymphs or simply love their enchanting land of make believe, there’s no doubt these winged and mischievous creatures call the woodlands their home. (Don’t forget the gnomes!)

Trees- Tree designs such as cherry, willow and even tree of life tattoos grow tall with meaning. If you’re interested in a back tattoo, leg placement or even a forearm tattoo, why not go out on a limb and consider an arbor design?

Animals- From snakes, lions, horses and bears, what’s your call of the wild? Animal tattoos can define some of your own personality traits, or pay tribute to endangered and beloved species. Show your support for the pawed and hoofed.

Insects- Butterflies, caterpillars and bumble bees all play a very important role in the garden. Even snails add a little character. Perfect for a small tattoo design or on the inner wrists, shoulders and even the knee caps, insect tattoos aren’t anything to swat at.

Water- Did somebody say shark? Are you ready to dive into a cool and refreshing tattoo design? Why not consider an ocean theme tattoo? Make some waves with a unique and colorful back piece, and be sure to add some seashells and fish for good measure. Heck, why not throw in a mermaid? For the aquatic lover, tattoo designs go ocean’s deep.

Sun and the Moon- The two most prominent lights in the earth’s sky are the sun and the moon. You can tattoo a celestial design and include star tattoos, or pay tribute to whichever you favor. Are you a night owl? Opt for the moon. Do you have a happy disposition? Look at the bright side and submit a custom design request. We’ll ensure all your tattoo wishes have a chance to come true.


Images courtesy Transcend Tattoo