My Silent Bravery - 'Breakthrough' Album Review

Published on March 19, 2017 by Jessica_Golich
Abounding with heart and pure soul, My Silent Bravery aka Matt Wade has stepped out of himself and subconsciously stepped into himself over his latest passion-filled release, ‘Breakthrough’. The album opens with a boom over, “Endless Ecstasy”, which is lyrically romantic and incredibly attractive to the ears, mind, and soul.
Sailing right into the second track, “Breakthrough”, My Silent Bravery opens up over an adventurous confessional track where his proclamations of running away into the unknown serve to his interest of creating the brightest and best version of himself.
For those wasting away behind a computer at the office, “Drunk off the Sun” is a track that gently flows into your spirit and reminds you that there is more to life than your four walls and the benefit of living in the moment and following your intuition. As entitled, My Silent Bravery breaks through into a realm of his truth over the fourth track, “Warning Signs”, that straddles the line between the past and future while reflecting upon experiences that led to his beliefs. 
The eighth track, ‘Older’, showcases earnest lyricism along with the broad and enriching vocal range of My Silent Bravery over an anthemic track that inspires overcoming and acknowledging the truth of your circumstances. Lifting the mood over an infectious groove over the ninth track, “Pick It Up”, optimism invigorates listeners beings over My Silent Bravery’s light shining through over a catchy chorus.
If you’re a fan of a mixture of earlier John Mayer and Mat Kearney, “Face to Face” is an exemplary example of a rejuvenating sound balanced by a mellow ballad speaking directly to the heart of Matt’s other half.
Rounding to home, the closing track on ‘Breakthrough’, “Bigger Picture”, My Silent Bravery sends his sound into a new direction and awakens the fact of perceiving his experiences beyond himself. 
Cohesively balancing a variety of sounds over thought-provoking lyricism, My Silent Bravery knocks off listeners socks over ‘Breakthrough’. 



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