Muse Tattoo and Body Piercing in Palmyra, New Jersey

Published on July 6, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

The definition of muse is to inspire. Adam and Hannah, owners of Muse Tattoo and Body Piercing in Palmyra, New Jersey, hope to do just that for their customers. Offering a clean and professional environment for tattoos, body piercing, and to view local artwork, Adam unites and celebrates an entire community of artists- in all of their forms. With a passion for charitable work including animal rescue organizations, Muse Tattoo is a safe haven for abstraction.


What made you interested in owning a tattoo and body piercing studio?

We owned several before this. There wasn’t a lot of opportunity in this area for clean and reputable shops that also focused on customer service, so we saw the need and fulfilled it.


Who are some of your professional muses?

I’m inspired by many of the industry greats, including Paul Booth and Nikko Hurtado. The thing is, every professional tattoo artist brings their own style to the industry and that’s really what makes it so unique. We take ideas from other artists and from our customers, and strive to customize every tattoo.  We have very little flash on the walls since every tattoo design is unique.


You support many charitable organizations in your area. How do you believe this influences any stigmas against professional tattoo artists or body piercers?

By working close with dog rescues and doing other charitable work, I believe this proves that our tattoo shop is here for the community, as well as the artists.


What is the most popular body modification at Muse Tattoo and Body Piercing in Palmyra, New Jersey?

Surprisingly a lot of nipple piercings. This area was not used to body piercings before we came along so it’s really starting to pick up now.


What makes Muse Tattoo different?

We are an art gallery as well as a tattoo and piercing studio. We’re pretty active with local artists, and it’s free to hang artwork on our walls. In addition, we plan on converting the front end of our shop into a tattoo museum, where we will cover the history of tattooing. We’d really like to cover authentic tattoo history, all the way back to tribal tattooing.


What was your first bodypiercing?



What do you believe is most intriguing about tattoos?

It’s the variety of what people want, including the age groups. Our oldest customer was 89 years old. We welcome everyone.


What is the most positive aspect you’ve seen from tattoo and Reality TV?

The only positive thing is the showing of the quality of the work, but it gives a false impression of how quickly things get designed and get done.


Do you offer tattooing apprenticeships for aspiring artists?

Yes we do, although most of our talented artists come with prior experience from cities such as Philadelphia or New Jersey.


What tattooing styles do your artists specialize in?

We have Traditional tattoo artists, and some specialize in New School and color blast style. We really do everything, with a focus on custom tattoos.


What’s the most rewarding aspect of owning a tattoo shop?

We like people walking out of here thrilled with their work. In all the years we’ve been open, we haven’t had a single complaint.


(Inspiring, to say the least.)



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