Minnesota Hip-Hop Artist Dima Kash Releases New Single “All Night”

Published on October 12, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Russian Hip-Hop Artist who has immigrated to the states at an early age, Dima Kash, is no stranger to the game and has paved his own fiery lane through heating up stages worldwide for big league acts including Future, T.I, Nelly, Twista, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Young Thug to name a few. Back for another round throughout his latest single release, “All Night”, Dima Kash lyrically makes it known that he is earning his throne through long days and dark nights that showcase that his artistry is no game and he isn’t simply making his name in the business for the fame. Dima ends “All Night” with entrancing instrumentals that steer from the tracks intention which makes it palpable that Dima is a genre-bending entity of his own and maintains a level and open head when it comes to laying down the law in the studio.


As an award-winning and prestigious Hip-Hop extraordinaire, Dima Kash has had deeply personal interventions which have led him to choose to pay keen attention to his misapprehension which in turn has transformed torturous moments into the raw power to reveal his woes within lyrical fire. Capable of delivering insane Hip-Hop breakdowns and the perfect balance between the first-generation Hip-Hop attitude laced with a modern feel, Dima Kash is changing the world of Hip-Hop as we speak. Dima has paid his dues and walked through the ringer with his head held high. As an artist who has lived an existence full of unrelenting persistence, Mr. Kash serves as an example and inspiration for fellow artists attempting to consistently put out lyrical heat.

Dima Kash is hot and it’s going to be tough to cool him off over the years to come. Do yourself a favor and check out Dima Kash on Soundcloud.


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