Metalheads Are in for a Treat from NYC Rockers, Vajra

Published on June 28, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Maintaining a solid position within the spotlight while being highlighted on charts across the globe, NYC Metal band, Vajra, are a band that you have seen on the posters of festival lineups and will continue to see over the years to come. Gifting metalheads with a treat for the ears that is bound to cement their impact into the worlds of devoted Metal fans, “The Mirror” is a sign that the band is ready and eager to progress forward with their symphonic metal and dark passion.

Reflective of the style stemming from bands such as Lacuna Coil, In This Moment and Nightwish, “The Mirror” is a divine tale into the soul of another that showcases that the world is a boundless theatre of mirrors in which human connections serve as a glimpse of your true self if you are willing to see and experience the truth. Vajra visits the shadows of murky waters throughout the video for “The Mirror” and invites listeners into a foggy gloom that leads to the appearance of what’s within and eager to bloom. Standing firm in the territory of gothic metal, Vajra stands to elevate and lyrically mix in a dose of courage that keeps the band set apart from what is lyrically expected within the genre.

Overcoming the pain of thorns stuck deep within the heart and soul, Vajra has enamored festival stages worldwide for over six years as they boldly stride toward becoming an act that is a household name. Harvesting honor through facing the world within, Vajra is band that creates lyrical spillings that both free and influence listeners to bud the backbone to grow and feel the fervor come alive within their bones. It is evident that Vajra is a Metal band on the rise and we highly recommend that you keep your eyes peeled on what’s to come. Check out what Vajra has to offer on YouTube.


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