Making It Personal - Design Your Own Tattoo

Published on April 8, 2014 by Naomi V

What do you do when you have a creative mind with outstanding ideas and a vivid imagination, but can't draw a straight line to save your life? Well, if you've gotten a great idea for a tattoo, finding and commissioning an artist who can both hear and understand your vision as well as masterfully materialize it to your liking would be ideal. If you don't know an artist who can do exactly that, you've come to the right place!


As opposed to other tattoo sites where artists compete in a contest setting, our artists work one on one WITH you. In essence, it is a collaboration between you and your artist. It's a new way for you to design your own tattoo, even if you've never designed anything else in your whole life! 


Other tattoo sites are not as personal or flexible as we are. It's not just a business relationship. Our designers sincerely care about their customers' needs. They understand how important a tattoo can be. Most of the customers who use our site for their custom tattoo become friends with their designers. Many come back to them time and time again, for more custom tattoo artwork when they get the itch for their next ink session.


Often on contest custom tattoo sites, artists create finished pieces and the customer must choose one of many in that stage. Once chosen, the process is completely finished and no other edits may be implemented. On our site, you get to speak in depth to each interested artist, see their artwork in the beginning concept stages so that you have more input during each step. Your involvement is imperative from beginning to end. There isn't a step in the process where you do not have control. Along with the power to collaborate throughout the entire custom tattoo process, you also have control over how much you fund at any time. As you continue to get sketches from artists, you can encourage even more impressive options by adding more funding. 


Our designers don't compete with versions of a completed tattoo. The artists take on your description and create a concept sketch based on the that information that you give them. Communication is key and open the entire time, so if they have questions for you, they can always ask, or if you need to add information, you can! Each request thread is a free floating communication forum between customer and tattoo designer. 


Using their concept sketches and their portfolio, you'll be able to see which artist is the best fit for you and most suited to create the final design for your unique tattoo. Once you pick the artist, you will work one on one with them until your custom tattoo artwork is no less than PERFECT!


Wondering how to get your custom tattoo design started? Just create a request


Image credit: Bekah and Zeljko Z. Srdic


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