Lower Back Tattoos

Published on August 4, 2013 by Naomi V
Lower Back Tattoos

The lower back tattoo, also known as the “tramp stamp”, is a sex symbol in its own right. Seen adorned by sexy women, women that were once sexy, and women that wished they were sexy – the tramp stamp is an icon of everything that is not innocent. The tramp stamp is a physical decoration that is shown off to almost everyone. It seduces and sedates, it makes guys and girls turn their head to look in awe, admiration, desire, and lust. Lower back tattoos are usually oblong and wide because of the natural shape of the body. This allows for a large variety of shapes and designs to be used just for that area of the body alone. Lower back tattoos accentuate the female figure and have much different stigmas than other common body parts women usually get done like the ankle or shoulder-blade. Sometimes girls with lower back tattoos perceived as the Hollywood clubber girl wearing almost nothing and casually powdering her nose in the bathroom, a promiscuous college girl, or a porn star, which is why they get the name tramp stamp. Many playboy bunny tattoos, butterfly tattoos, and other tribal designs are seen between those two sexy dimples on the lower back.


Often times patterns and designs are incorporated into lower back tattoos are there to symbolize certain meanings. Lotus and flower tattoos are chosen for symmetry and color. Some artists say that flower tattoos, especially the lotus, is ideal for the tailbone because it has buds, seed pods, and flowers to represent the past, present, and future respectively. Another interesting is the Shakti lower back tattoo for a fusion of consciousness that is believed to reside at the base of spine in Hindu teachings. In Celtic and Welsh mythology animals symbolize vitality and fertility and serpents and dragons symbolize trouble and slyness, which might be perfect for any mischievous females out there.


Image credit: Tom Doherty and Chris_at_canvas_of_flesh 


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