Los Angeles Songstress Chrystyna Marie Releases New Album ‘LIFE’

Published on August 18, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Bringing back the energy of 90’s female grunge with a hefty dose of sass, confidence and feminine prowess, Los Angeles songstress, Chrystyna Marie, has thunder within her bones over her latest release, ‘LIFE’. Kicking off with a bold track, “I Want That Boom Boom”, Chrystyna refuses to hold back her deepest desires and expresses herself in a candid manner that penetrates the minds of listeners and empowers free speech.


The second track, “Devil With The Angel Eyes”, adds a Folk twist over a lyrical spell that twists and turns through remnants of Chrystyna’s history as she reaches a state of alignment with the truth pertaining to an experience with a past lover. “Mr. Insecurity” is the third track that begins with sultry, jazzy blues and lyrically serves as a cunning ode to getting her heart trampled on by a goblin all the while Chrystyna heals and reclaims her values. The fourth track, “The Witching Hour”, is a sweet breed between want and need in which Chrystyna calmly is in full blossom as she affirms her full humility in the ashes of her past.


“Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” is the fifth track that takes the album for an instrumental turn while Chrystyna continues to lyrically shed dead skin and throw in the towel on a wolf in sheep's clothing who she previously loved dearly. “Stop Stoppin’ Myself” is a track where Chrystyna steps into her highest self and embodies the woman that she has grown into through life experience with zero remorse as she mimics the jabs that her elders tossed her way within her wild youth. Closing out the album with “Mama’s Blues”, it is apparent that there is a distance between Chrystyna and her mother that she desires to squash as she pleads for acceptance of who she truly is from her kin.

Chrystyna is the female embodiment of the rebirth of grungy soul within Rock ‘N’ Roll. Support her journey and check out for yourself on Soundcloud.



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