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Published on August 3, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Let's be frank. The Harley Davidson logo trademark tattoo to my left is actually pretty sweet. Many bikers or enthusiasts would be happy to rock such a respected brand on their body, especially if they're getting paid for it.


The Harley Davidson logo trademark tattoo could likely be considered the "BEST" case scenerio when it comes to a branding, logo, or an advertising tattoo.


There are many more unfortunate designs that have made a permanent mark on a body, once wearers signed the paperwork, and got the tattoo in lieu of cash.


Corporations not only offer pay to random people, some will throw in pay raises of perhaps 15% to any employee willing to ink their employers name or logo on the body.


What's the point of logo trademark and advertising tattoos, and should you do it?


If you've been asked to sport  a logo or advertising tattoo, the first thing you should consider is whether the art is temporary or permanent. Websites such as LeaseYourBody help connect participants with temporary logo tattoos in lieu of compensation.


Temporary tattoos are usually placed on prominent spots of the body- such as the face. Lease "rent" for this form of body advertising can be worth thousands of dollars and certainly something to consider if you're easy-going, not working in the public sector, and strapped for cash.


The other option is permanent tattoos. These designs are worth much more because you will be left with the logo long after you rolled off the Harley Davidson lot on your new set of wheels-which is fine if you stay true to your biker roots. But not so much if the design is across your forehead, hindering career potential or causing potential regret.


If you plan on participating as a walking, living and breathing billboard; you should consider your affiliation to the company, and whether you have loyalty enough to wear body art expressing your support to the world. For a lifetime.


Why are companies branding employees and participants?


Call it shock value, companies are reaching out and requesting trademark tattoos because it turns heads and causes a public  stir of interest,  especially when there is a large payment behind the commitment. There's so many things to discuss about the process- from the competitive change in advertising, societal views on body art, and then of course the extremes some people will go to just to make a buck. This buzz becomes publicity, and is worth the amount most corporations pay their participants to wear a trademark tattoo.


If you're seriously considering inking a brand, make sure it's worth the quick cash. Laser tattoo removal is an expensive and painful process. However, if you're loyal, and  a brand you already love approaches you (and you happen to be in the market for a forehead tattoo)  the cash is a bonus.  So...Ride or Die I  suppose.


-"Got a $5 head? Get a $5 helmet."


Image Josh Nordstrom


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