Legends of Ink: Robert Pho [Video]

Published on June 28, 2013 by Leo Gomon

Take a look as Robert Pho talks about his tattoo history and works on the sleeves of a loyal client below:



Robert Pho was was born in Cambodia, and found himself moving to America back in 1971. Trouble with the law landed Pho a life sentence in prison; he was able to plea bargain to 15 years, of which he served seven. His tattooing is appropriately attributed to black and grey, prison style; he made his own machine while serving hard time with a guitar string and a walkman motor.


Practicing on himself, Pho developed keen artistic skill with all the time he had to practice. During his stay behind bars, other inmates began to seek out Pho’s expert skill to get tattooed. Without a single lesson, Pho caught the attention of Jack Rudy, who was impressed with Pho’s self taught, black and grey tattooing.



A few years later, Pho opened Skin Design Tattoo in North Carolina. Several years later after a painful family tragedy, Pho packed up his things and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and two children.


“Art has always been something I’ve been into, since I was four or five years old.”


His clientele hold Pho in the highest regard, praising his work ethic, concentration, and most importantly, his humility. As great as Robert Pho has become, he remains humble and appreciative of his roots and idols - Bob Tyrell and Tom Renshaw.


Reestablishing Skin Design Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada, Robert Pho is constantly booked and loves every minute of it. Sin city is often associated with gambling, lavish lifestyles and flashy hotels, but Skin Design Tattoo softens the blow and stands high above the rest of the tattoo shops trying to get a piece of the pie.


Soft spoken, easy going, and undeniably brilliant, Pho has stood the test of time and handle all adversity thrown his way. Factor that in with world class tattooing and you have a recipe for an all time great. Follow Robert Pho on Skin Design’s website and facebook.


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One of my favorite Tattoo Artists, he definitely has a different persona then most.

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