Legends of Ink: Jack Rudy @ Good Time Charlie's Tattoo Land

Published on May 10, 2013 by Leo Gomon

Check out Tattoo.com’s exclusive sit-down with Tattoo Legend and pioneer Jack Rudy. Jack is a master in his craft and is known all over the world for his extraordinary use of black and gray ink work. His imagination, genuineness, humor, and talent make him all the more unique and creative with his tattooing style. Take a quick ride through Jack's work and history as it has spanned out for decades.



After leaving the Marines in 1975, Jack Rudy started working for Charlie Cartwright at his tattoo shop Good Time Charlie's Tattoo Land located in East Los Angeles. Both Jack and Charlie shared a love for the black and grey, or Chicano style tattooing. Together they perfected the single-needle tattoo machines that allowed them to deliver exceptional, detailed designs. The shop remained open for a few years and then Charlie sold the business to Ed Hardy in 1977. Jack then decided to open up his shop in Anaheim, California where he works with some of the best artists in the industry. His dedication is second to none as he continues to do what he loves: pushing the art form forward.


In his recent work, Jack appears in a documentary film called Tattoo Nation along with industry giants like Freddy Negrete, Ed Hardy, Charlie Cartwright, and Kate Hellenbrand. In the movie, these giants share a story about how a few people help transform the world of tattooing an d the way people think about tattoos.


“Hold on tight and make sure the Tattoo Police don’t get ya!”


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