Legends of Ink: Andy Engel [Video]

Published on June 12, 2013 by Leo Gomon


Tattoo.com caught up with Andy Engel during one of his California visits. Watch as he prepares to tattoo a photorealistic angelic piece for nine hours at Vatican Studios, owned by none other than Franco Vescovi.  Engel has grown from his humble, self taught roots to a world renowned and highly sought after tattoo artist. Engel grew up in Germany and began tattooing in 1994. His 19+ years of experience as a professional artist was not without it’s hurdles; Engel took it upon himself to learn the ropes of the craft and expand his skill set through travel and word of mouth.


A primarily self taught artist, Andy Engel extensively toured the national and international tattoo convention circuit to gain exposure across the industry. Slowly but surely, various media outlets began to recognize his expertise as a tattoo artist. Though he has been known to tattoo many styles, his primary specialty lies in photo-realism, specifically portrait work and horror related art.


When he’s not tattooing, Engel doubles as a drummer and musician, often performing in tattoo artist supergroups at conventions. This well rounded, soft spoken tattoo artist is one of the best in the business with a portfolio that’ll make your mouth drool; if you get the chance to have Andy Engel tattoo you, take advantage of it. You can keep up with Andy Engel on his website or facebook.


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